Giving Blood / WeightWatchers

I went along to give blood today, for the first time. Unfortunatly they really struggled to find a vein – I had 5 nurses look, one after the other! When they finally got the line in the blood flow was slow and the nurse didn’t think she could take the normal pint so unfortunatly today’s trip was a bit of a waste. Still, at least I tried, and got a free anaemia/HIV/hepatitis check thrown in! My arm really aches now, I never have got on with needles/injections/tubes.

Also, I’ve decided to go back to WeightWatchers (again) – this time with a friend. I’m really, really hoping I can stick to it this time as my weight is, frankly, affecting my health and worrying me :( Hopefully the moral support will help. We’re planning to go every Wednesday evening followed by a trip to the cinema (with Orange’s 2 for 1 deal it isn’t expensive). This time I’m aiming to try and ‘fix’ my eating problems (snacking, mainly on sweet stuff, and I don’t know the word ‘full’) and switch to 3 meals a day with only healthy snacks. I can dream!


2 Comments to “Giving Blood / WeightWatchers”

  1. I know you can do it!!!

    Well done you re taking some time for yourself on Wednesday evenings. Are you back at work now? Is the job still a mat leave cover?

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