First couple of weeks on the diet.

Well, the diet so far is going okay. I lost 4lbs last week (I don’t expect to lose that every week – the first week is always a shock to the system and you lose more) and I’m working on my eating patterns. Mostly, I’m trying to regulate my hunger and blood sugar – having a small snack mid morning and mid afternoon so I don’t get to the ‘starving’ point where you head straight for the biscuit tin. So far, it seems to be working. Either way, I’m trying to establish a better way of eating long term, as I’m in this for the long haul (I don’t plan on divulging my weight here, but let’s just say it’s a lot).

I’ve given up yesterday and today as a lost cause. I had a normal healthy breakfast and lunch yesterday, and then we had a big work night out, so a pub meal (falafel wrap with chips and salad, and a shared desert) and er… a lot of alcohol. I don’t actually know how much I drank last night, but I’m regretting it today – I’m still in my pyjamas now, at 9pm! I didn’t eat anything til 4pm, which was just a slice of toast, and then had a fairly normal dinner – I’m hoping the lack of calories for the first 2/3 of the day will go someway towards offsetting yesterday!

Back on the bandwagon tomorrow! Given some decent weather we’re off for a long walk somewhere, possibly the Humber Bridge. Monday will be gardening day as everything needs moving up to bigger pots (and I think I need to re-sow peas – given the war dance I witnessed earlier on my veg beds I think the birds have nicked them all!).


2 Comments to “First couple of weeks on the diet.”

  1. I think you have a healthy attitude. It is perfectly OK to enjoy some sweet things etc. I’ve found when I exercise I can eat more without gaining and that helps :0)

    • Thanks FT. I’m really trying to work on the sweet tooth at the moment, don’t think I will ever get rid of it! (oh I envy those people who have no desire for sweets!)

      Me and the friend I go to WW with are roughly equal weight and fitness wise which means we can go for walks etc without feeling embarassed – it’s a major thing which puts a LOT of fat people off exercise! Trailing behind looking sweaty is not a good look :) So yes.. working on the fitness thing!

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