Excitement! My very first crop of homegrown potatoes!


These ones were grown from potatoes left over from a bag bought in a shop – I also used ‘proper’ seed potatoes but this just happened to be the lot that I tipped out today. Grown in a flower bucket – the ones that are used in florists and some shops sell off very cheaply (in my case about 20 for 99p!), and this is the haul from one bucket.

I’ve also been harvesting courgettes (LOTS of courgettes!), radish, rocket, lettuce, a few peas, and lots of fresh herbs. No beans, as I planted them terribly late (I have hope yet), and the tomatoes are growing rather slowly for my taste – they are just starting to grow fruits now. I also have garlic and a few pepper (capsicum) plants in the plastic greenhouse which have begun to fruit, but whether or not they’ll ripen to red is luck!

This year I’m also hoping to grow a few basic veggies into the winter – I have leeks on the go and I’m about to plant (late) some chard and kale. I’ll also put in some spinach in September.


5 Comments to “Spuds!!”

  1. Sounds like you’re doing really well with the veg. I too have more courgettes than I can shake a stick at – running out of ideas of what to do with them!

    • I know me too! I grew two plants – a round variety and ‘goldrush’ and while the round one has succumbed to mildew and died the yellow one is STILL producing at least 2 big courgettes a week. OH refuses to eat anything with courgettes in so it’s difficult to use them :D though they’re quite nice grated raw into salad like you’d do with carrot (they make a nice thai/coconut milk based curry too).

    • And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for setting me sttraghi.

  2. I’ve had NO luck sadly, I don’t know what I did wrong!

    But those spuds look soooo yummy!

    • Awww no luck with what exactly? Spuds or something else? Maybe you started a bit late? The weather’s been so crap lately everything seems to be a bit behind.. my tomatoes are growing agonisingly slowly.

      I have been very impressed with the spuds – so far I’ve emptied 3 of 8 buckets and had a kilo or more from each (one seed potato in each).

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