Gallery Work Visit

Something a bit different today – I got the opportunity to spend a day working at the local gallery. I spent the day working with the exhibitions curator, making up two displays – a large cabinet of smaller mixed media pieces (ranging from jewelery to collage/decoupaged objects and large mixed media paintings/artworks), and a full room display of fairly modern oil paintings.

The smaller display was the one I found most interesting – the artist was there and we (her, me and the curator) spent some time discussing and tweaking the layout – you’d be amazed how much work goes into the ‘random’ looking displays! While I wasn’t keen on some of her pieces, others I loved – including a large collage – a mixture of newsprint (I love old text), paint and fabric.

Hanging the larger paintings was a lot more practical – a lot of measuring and maths was involved to get the display absolutely perfect, after deciding what was going to go where and what would look good together. This did appeal to my perfectionist side – I think it’s a job that would frustrate a lot of people as everything has to be perfect to the millimeter, checked with spirit levels, etc – but I quite enjoyed having such a focused job to work on that had a nice visual finish.

All in all it’s something I’d definitely be interested in doing again!


5 Comments to “Gallery Work Visit”

  1. Wow, what a great experience!!

    Happy Belated Birthday!!! That £60 is fab!!!

    Are you still in the admin job?

    Can’t wait to read through and properly catch up!

    • Yup I’m officially in the admin job til the end of the year, after that who knows.. hopefully something will come up though!!

      It was a great experience – they’ve kept a note of my email address in case any voluntary saturdays etc come up.

      Glad to see you back! Feeling better?

  2. Oh that sounds hopeful!

    Better, yes, still have a fever and ear infection but compared to what it was like, yes much better!

  3. hope you are ok?

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