Can’t believe it’s been so long

I’m sorry I neglected you, blog!

Things have been… interesting.. here. Chris is still unemployed and starting to get really down about it. Money is tight, and the only way I seem to be able to cope with that is to bury my head in the sand (healthy way of dealing with things, I know). If I think about things too much I get a bit mopey. That said, I’m not depressed about it.. just a little… stressed :)

In happier news, I get to keep my job after December (which would have been when I was scheduled to finish my fixed term contract). My colleague is leaving, we’ll really miss her but it means she gets a great new job she wants and I get a job full stop! The details have yet to be hashed out but I had a meeting with my manager today which was good for the self esteem, I seem to be well regarded :)

I’ve been doing a fair bit of crafting recently including felt and fleece plush toys (more cute things to look at than for actual kids!) and an apron. I’m planning on trying a cover for my sewing machine next. All step by step re-learning how to sew (I did some in school but have forgotten it all!). I’ll post pictures later – at the moment I can’t because my main computer is having issues and crashing / not turning on – far more regularly than is healthy! We think it’s a power supply issue, so that needs swapping out to see if a new one helps. At least i have my laptop for checking mail etc, but it’s old and cranky so not much fun for things like Photoshop and games.

Finally, I’m also re-discovering a very geeky or old fashioned hobby (depending how you look at it) – bored games! My friend Kay is happy to revive this with me, to add to our so-not-cool-kids crafts nights. I’m adding Warhammer into the equation too – a tabletop fantasy battle game you play with little figures. I used to play it as a child/teen with my brother and am looking forward to rediscovering it. And of course the models need painting and scenery making, which is half the fun :)

Time to sign off – I will try and post again a little more frequently!


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