I’ve been through a bad few months with money issues and a bunch of other related problems, and unfortunately things aren’t looking up, but I’m TRYING to feel more positive. However bad things are, they’ll always turn around eventually. This weekend I have an extra day off from work, and I’m trying to make it a positive one:

~ A wander round town with a friend (just for tiny purchases, and a gift for my sister of a beautiful handmade silver necklace/pendant.

~ Spending an afternoon with said friend just hanging out, playing board games, watching tv, and chatting.

~ A little bit of productiveness cleaning the bathroom from head to toe!

~ Some Christmas crafting!

~ and some Christmas baking!

Time to try and concentrate on the good stuff in life!


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  1. oooh I hope it was wonderful, you deserve nothing less!

  2. You write well and are very creative so keep writing and put your worries ‘out there’ – away from you.

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