Well like the rest of the UK we’re in the grip of winter at the moment with a long cold snap and lots of snow. Here in Scunthorpe there’s about 6″ in our back garden at the moment, which is very unusual. The roads are risky to drive on so lots of people are struggling to get into work, although we’re not too bad living in town and on one of the main road/bus routes (bus routes are gritted).

And now, a couple of projects i’ve been meaning to write about….

First, this was for for my mum for christmas. I picked up a cheap hardback, ring bound notebook and made a cover for it. I hand-embroidered my mum’s initials onto felt, made the cover (from a £1 fabric offcut from the local sewing shop), and zig-zagged the felt piece on. All in all it cost less than £4 including the notebook, and I love it. And hopefully she does too.

Then the gift I made for Kay. I picked up 1/2 a metre of this gorgeous fabric from ebay (the LAST 1/2m!). As soon as I saw it I thought of her (don’t you love it when that happens?). With some careful cutting I made it stretch to this box pouch and tote bag (with a clip inside for the pouch!) – using iron-on interfacing to give it some strength. Again I’m really proud of myself for this because I stretched my sewing skills but it came out great.

And finally, Chris’ gift. This is a hood i made for him for LARP (roleplaying / non-accurate re-enactment!). I used some gorgeous deep red, woolen fabric I found for a BARGAIN price of £1 – due to it being much narrower than normal. It will need some seams in interesting places to make something like a cloak but I could just about get the pieces cut out for this hood. I lined it with black cotton (as that’s what I had at the time), and it also has a sewn on ‘frog’ fastening at the neck (not pictured, as I sewed that on later). In real life it looks great, I’m really proud of it and it will keep him snug and warm at the cold events he goes to!

I haven’t yet chosen my next project. I’d like to have a go at soapmaking from scratch, but need to get a couple of things for it first (a pyrex jug and a non-aluminium saucepan, I think). I will probably have a go at screenprinting, as Chris got a kit for christmas. And of course I will keep working on sewing and improving my skills.


4 Comments to “Brr!”

  1. oooh stay warm my friend! You have such talent with your crafting skills!

  2. Come back!! I miss you!!!

    I should email you this but just to let you know things were slightly mad over here due to visitors! I still have some things to send you, so now they’ve gone I can get on that. Do hope all is well? Thinking of you loads and hoping things are picking up! :)

    • I know, i’m so rubbish at blogging lately! I have some craft photos to upload so shall try and do that in a few days! Things have picked up a tiny bit as finally got some working tax credit, only a little but better than nothing! Thank you for thinking of me :)

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