Goals for 2010

And yet again it’s been another month since I posted!! Must get back into the habit – a lot of it is that I’ve been using the old laptop downstairs rather than my computer in the cold room upstairs, and the laptop really doesn’t like photo uploads.. so I’ve been really bad with updating.

I’m proud to say I finally made soap from scratch! Using the cold process method with oils and caustic soda – it came out great in the end though thanks to my clumsiness it was a bit messy to clean up – next time will be better. I did take some photos so I will try to get them uploaded. This is part of my Grand Plan this year, which leads me on to….

Things To Accomplish in 2010

inspired by http://notesfromthefrugaltrenches.com/

  • Practice and experiment and learn to make really good soap
  • Learn to make a face scrub/wash using all natural ingredients
  • (Re)learn to make bathbombs (have done this before!)
  • Sew more! and…
  • … make one piece of clothing!
  • Eat less dairy, and make more of it ethical (organic/freerange)
  • Learn how to make a really good curry!
  • Learn how to make yummy authentic-ish mexican food
  • and finally, give more handmade gifts!

    What would you like to accomplish this year?


2 Comments to “Goals for 2010”

  1. What a super super list! Soap making sounds wonderful! Soooo glad you are back in the land of blogging :)

  2. FT – soap making is easier than it sounds! and no nasties! i used Rhonda’s (http://down—to—earth.blogspot.com/) recipe if you fancy a go!

    edited – got the link wrong

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