A Simple Sunday!

The sun is out with a light breeze – perfect garden day! So today in addition to what I was planning I will be getting some small jobs done in the garden:

~ Do Laundry, and hang out in the sun: Done!
~ Plant Potatoes: Done! 5x ‘Charlotte’ spuds went in buckets, and covered with fleece in case of a frost. Pink Fir Apple spuds will go out in a couple of weeks.
~ Check on Garlic: Done! Most of it has got going nicely. Really hoping i didn’t plant too late this time!
~ Sow Flower Seeds: Done! Very roughly dug over a bed at the front, and threw down (literally) some mixed flower seeds including sunflowers.
~ Make a Bean Cage: Done! i dug out some old metal mesh from shed, cut a long rectangle, and bent it to form a frame i can put over beans/peas to keep the birds off!
~ Take Rosemary Cuttings: Done!
~ Wash Up (hmmmmm… maybe Chris will be nice and do it for me ;) )
~ Clean Hamster Tank: Done!
~ Bake Something: Done! (cookies)
~ Cook Dinner: Done!
~ Make a Cushion Cover (tomorrow!!)
~ Prepare for Work! Done!

Not sure if i’ll get all this done, but I’ll try!


5 Comments to “A Simple Sunday!”

  1. Wow you got loads done! Well done you!!!

  2. sorry for the stupid question – but with the throwing down of flower seeds, do you think i’d be able to do this with a small almost grass-covered bed that gets at least half a day of direct sun? if i roughed up the soil a bit? i’ve got a spade and that’s the only tool i’ve got so far, was thinking of getting a rake or fork or hoe next. i won’t be living here long, but i thought some flowers would be nice while we’re here… any recommendations?

    • I’m probably not the best person to ask about this i’m afraid – i don’t as a rule grow flowers, but i got given some seeds so decided to throw them down!

      I would get a rake next unless you have very clay soil like me in which case you probably need a fork to break down and turn over the soil. If you have ‘normal’ soil a rake should be sufficient to get the soil to a ‘fine tilth’ as they say!

      I’d grow sunflowers, anyway :) They’re the only flowers i have grown ‘properly’ and they were very easy and lasted a long time into autumn.

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