Walking barefoot in the grass…

I’ve been digging in the garden today, planting some cabbages (protected from the wind with little plastic collars, and from the slugs with organic pellets!). Then I sat still for a moment and realised it was the perfect day. 18*c, sunny, with a slight breeze. Just right. So I sat a while, walked in the grass barefoot (one of life’s simple pleasures), and took some photos.


6 Comments to “Walking barefoot in the grass…”

  1. OOooh so so lovely!!!! I always always love your blog :)

  2. Not a comment in reference to this posting of yours, but a question about a comment you left mid-August at Notes from Frugal Trenches.

    You asked if she made British-style or American-style style applesauce. She answered that she makes British style, but I’ve not seen the promised recipe.

    An explanation, of the difference between the two types of sauce (British and American), would be how fine the apples are cut up before the water is added and they are “stewed”. For American-style sauce the apples should be cut finer than they are cut for apple pies – so they more-or-less disintegrate in the stewing process. That is, cut into quarter to less than half inch wide sections. This is the “style” of applesauce that is used to replace the oil in some recipes.
    DH (the expert cook in this house) swears by Gravensteins as the finest apples for making applesauce; with Northern Spy running a close second. He says that not all apples will stew down – Cortlands being an example of a type which do not. But I’m not sure what apple varieties are available in England.

    Hope this helps, Janey
    Sorry for writing this here – I couldn’t find a separate e-mail address for you.

    • Thank you, that’s really helpful :)

      Actually, I’ve not heard of ANY of those varieties :) I will have to look into suitable ones here in the UK.

      Thanks for your comment anyway :)

  3. I was brought up to believe that Gravensteins made the best pie and sauce. But if they do not thrive in the UK … there must be another “best apple” there.
    Look for good cooking apples.

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