About Me

Well, a bit about myself…

I’m born-and-bred ‘Brightoner’, but I moved to Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire to live with my partner (unofficially, about December 2003 – although I didn’t transport my ‘stuff’ here til the next July). The Brighton bit is important as I feel growing up in such a cosmopolitan atmosphere really shaped my outlook on life. I consider myself very open-minded and totally against racism, sexism, homophobia etc. Brighton’s also very ‘hippyish’ and so I had lots of exposure to alternative ways of thinking while I was growing up.

So… I’ve moved on from Brighton, university, nights out and everything else great about the place to live in… Scunthorpe. And, to be honest, the prospect of being ‘stuck’ was scaring me somewhat. It’s not exactly the most diverse of places. At around this time I also started looking into eco-living and gradually started to make small changes to my way of life. After years of on-off vegetarianism and pescetarianism I committed to it, and thoroughly put myself off eating meat (at least, commercially produced meat) ever again by reading up on exactly how it’s produced. I started Scunthorpe’s Freecycle group (now Freegle), started recycling, switched to using a mooncup instead of tampons, and tried to limit my use of ethically unsound companies. I like to think I’ve made a real change to my lifestyle and lessened my eco-footprint, but I know I’ve got a long long way to go…

That’s about it, really. I work in an admin/clerical role, which while not really what I want to do with my life pays the bills (just!). While I’d love to get a job in a museum, art gallery or something similar, there just isn’t much of it around here, and I have the eternal problem of no previous experience.

For the past few years I’ve been growing fruit and veggies, so you’ll find I rabbit on about that , particularly in summer.

I love all forms of crafts – current favourites are sewing, embroidery and jewelery making, though I will try just about anything i fancy. Lately I have also got interested in homemade toiletries and have learnt to make my own soap.

I’m also into Photography and own a digital SLR which is barely used – one of my aims is to really get back into it and stop whinging about the fact that Scunny has nothing of interest to photograph!

*’lightisfading‘ originated from ‘Halo’ by Foo Fighters, one of my favourite songs.
*’it doesn’t really matter about the rain‘ comes from ‘Lifted’ by Lighthouse Family, another favourite (along with ‘High’ which makes me cry everytime).


6 Comments to “About Me”

  1. there’s a famous billy connolly quote: “there’s no such thing as bad weather.. only the wrong clothes”. So if you’re wearing an anorak (or got a brolly) then no… it doesn’t really matter about the rain. :)


  2. Hi I hope you get back into Photography.. .I’ve found very addictivce, but rewarding. One of things I try to do with my photography is to communicate the the beauty in the world – and show what we’re doing to it!

    By the way I grew in Hull, but am now in Hampshire so done the opposite to you!

  3. Can I ask, how do you find using the mooncup? I’m thinking of buying one!

  4. I get on very well with it indeed – after a couple of months it’s no hassle at all, its just ‘normal’, y’know? It’s generally much more comfortable – no more dryness or sweating from pads. I do occassionally use a pad instead still, if I’m having cramps (which isn’t often), but i’d say I use it 90% of the time now.

  5. Thanks Sarah. I found some washable pads for sale (just posted about that too). I don’t like tampons so I’m hoping I’ll find the mooncup better than pads!
    Is it right it’s lower down than tampons? Sorry if that’s TMI!!

  6. It’s generally a bit lower down for me, yes, but I think it varies. It’ll take you a few days to get used to it, so don’t be discouraged ;) also I found I had to cut the whole stem off – some people leave it all on, some cut half off, etc.

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