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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Homemade Gifts – Crayon Rolls

Just finished two ‘crayon rolls’ for my nephews – pencil crayons for the older one (5) and wax crayons for the younger one (2).  I used the tutorial at

Friday, April 2, 2010

Those cushions i mentioned…

… are done! :) I’m rather happy with them too!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yay! I got a ‘new’ sewing machine from the local ads – it cost me £40 but is a lot more modern than my beloved old Singer, it does a lot more stitches etc and I’m hoping will be 100% easier to get special ‘feet’ for so I can do proper zips, buttonholes etc :) I’ll probably still keep the old one though, I’m very attached to it :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Well like the rest of the UK we’re in the grip of winter at the moment with a long cold snap and lots of snow. Here in Scunthorpe there’s about 6″ in our back garden at the moment, which is very unusual. The roads are risky to drive on so lots of people are struggling to get into work, although we’re not too bad living in town and on one of the main road/bus routes (bus routes are gritted).

And now, a couple of projects i’ve been meaning to write about….

First, this was for for my mum for christmas. I picked up a cheap hardback, ring bound notebook and made a cover for it. I hand-embroidered my mum’s initials onto felt, made the cover (from a £1 fabric offcut from the local sewing shop), and zig-zagged the felt piece on. All in all it cost less than £4 including the notebook, and I love it. And hopefully she does too.

Then the gift I made for Kay. I picked up 1/2 a metre of this gorgeous fabric from ebay (the LAST 1/2m!). As soon as I saw it I thought of her (don’t you love it when that happens?). With some careful cutting I made it stretch to this box pouch and tote bag (with a clip inside for the pouch!) – using iron-on interfacing to give it some strength. Again I’m really proud of myself for this because I stretched my sewing skills but it came out great.

And finally, Chris’ gift. This is a hood i made for him for LARP (roleplaying / non-accurate re-enactment!). I used some gorgeous deep red, woolen fabric I found for a BARGAIN price of £1 – due to it being much narrower than normal. It will need some seams in interesting places to make something like a cloak but I could just about get the pieces cut out for this hood. I lined it with black cotton (as that’s what I had at the time), and it also has a sewn on ‘frog’ fastening at the neck (not pictured, as I sewed that on later). In real life it looks great, I’m really proud of it and it will keep him snug and warm at the cold events he goes to!

I haven’t yet chosen my next project. I’d like to have a go at soapmaking from scratch, but need to get a couple of things for it first (a pyrex jug and a non-aluminium saucepan, I think). I will probably have a go at screenprinting, as Chris got a kit for christmas. And of course I will keep working on sewing and improving my skills.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Photo Catch-up!

Well, my computer gave up the ghost a while back, and I’ve been using my ancient laptop, hence no picture posts (I couldn’t be bothered to install photoshop, and it would probably throw a wobbly if I did). However, we got a new power supply for the pc today, which has hopefully fixed the problem, so here’s a few pics to make up for it!


A random piece of wire/bead work – quite large, might make a nice suncatcher type decoration? (looks darker than it actually is – the beads are semi-precious stones and glass).

An apron I made myself, with gorgeous fabric from the swedish shop in the local town – lined and everything!

A button tortoise, made of felt – I added an inner pad with beans to the design to give him some weight. He’s imperfect but I still like him ;)

Chocolate cupcakes! With sprinkles!

A necklace/bracelet set I made to match a particular top… very happy with it :)

A bracelet made today – another one I’m happy with :)

And some gratuitous cuteness :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Can’t believe it’s been so long

I’m sorry I neglected you, blog!

Things have been… interesting.. here. Chris is still unemployed and starting to get really down about it. Money is tight, and the only way I seem to be able to cope with that is to bury my head in the sand (healthy way of dealing with things, I know). If I think about things too much I get a bit mopey. That said, I’m not depressed about it.. just a little… stressed :)

In happier news, I get to keep my job after December (which would have been when I was scheduled to finish my fixed term contract). My colleague is leaving, we’ll really miss her but it means she gets a great new job she wants and I get a job full stop! The details have yet to be hashed out but I had a meeting with my manager today which was good for the self esteem, I seem to be well regarded :)

I’ve been doing a fair bit of crafting recently including felt and fleece plush toys (more cute things to look at than for actual kids!) and an apron. I’m planning on trying a cover for my sewing machine next. All step by step re-learning how to sew (I did some in school but have forgotten it all!). I’ll post pictures later – at the moment I can’t because my main computer is having issues and crashing / not turning on – far more regularly than is healthy! We think it’s a power supply issue, so that needs swapping out to see if a new one helps. At least i have my laptop for checking mail etc, but it’s old and cranky so not much fun for things like Photoshop and games.

Finally, I’m also re-discovering a very geeky or old fashioned hobby (depending how you look at it) – bored games! My friend Kay is happy to revive this with me, to add to our so-not-cool-kids crafts nights. I’m adding Warhammer into the equation too – a tabletop fantasy battle game you play with little figures. I used to play it as a child/teen with my brother and am looking forward to rediscovering it. And of course the models need painting and scenery making, which is half the fun :)

Time to sign off – I will try and post again a little more frequently!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Okay, I admit it, I didn’t post my photo-a-day yesterday. I had a friend over and we were busy crafting, watching Slumdog Millionaire (well, half of it), and cooking lasagne. Double post to come later ;)

I *did* however ‘service’ my sewing machine. I took the covers off, completely cleaned it out, oiled the relevant bits, fitted a new bulb, fitted a new spool holder (which involved carving one from plastic!), cleaned the outside thoroughly, and, a new one from me, wired on a new plug! The old one looked like it was about to cause a fire or something and must have been 20 years old. I am very satisfied with this and the machine, which cost me less than £20 from a carboot sale but is built to last, should keep going a while.

Last night I also attempted to crochet (not incredibly difficult, but my tendancy to pull my stitches tight makes it so), and learned the basic knitting.. stitch.. thing! I need to buy some needles for this as I just temporarily borrowed my friend’s last night.

I treated myself to some fabric today – a lovely pale green embroidered linen (I think), a heavy white polycotton with a tree silhouette pattern (much like the part in the top of the image on the right hand side of this blog!), and some pale green fleece – or rather a fleece blanket. Fleece off the role is £3.99 a metre, whereas the same thing with a simple blanket stitch round the edge is £3.99 for 2 metres. The tree print fabric might well turn into a bag, and I’m pondering making a light, machine quilted blanket.

And, finally, I freecycled 5 items today – 5 items less of ‘stuff’ in my house!

Time to get on with today’s photo!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cloth San Pad #1

Here’s my first ever attempt at a cloth sanitary pad. This one was intentionally a ‘tester’, made out of scrap cotton (though the fleece was bought new, but for how much you use it’s pennies per pad). As this one is a tester I didn’t include a waterproof layer – this should work nicely as a liner though.

I used the method shown here, with my own pattern (being overweight also means you generally need a longer pad).

All in all, it came out well;

pro points:

  • I did surprisingly well with the stitching, managing to get smooth , accurate curves almost all the time.
  • It’s very comfy indeed.
  • The press stud/popper works well, and is positioned about right.
  • It’s really easy to make.

negative points:

  • I messed up the line of the stitching a couple of times.
  • I didn’t get the tension right for sewing the back and pad together, meaning the stitching is loose on the back (not shown ;) )
  • The back needs a thicker material – I think flannel should work.
  • I didn’t quite get the back to pad sizing right.

All in all though, I’m very happy with my second real sewing project!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Well, I’ve finally decided to do something about my debt – I have about £1400 of credit card debit, a £300 overdraft that gets maxed every month, and £1600 of loan (though that is fixed repayments; the interest has already been added). Due to the fact I’m working a crappy paid job (£790 p/m after tax…. bank work does *not* pay well) I’m struggling a bit, especially as everything is just going up up up. And learning to drive isn’t helping at £19 a lesson ad £55 per test.

Anyway. I’m really trying to do something about it from now on.. ie not spend!

I did however make that resolution *after* deciding to finish my half-done X-Files dvd collection. I already had seasons 1-5, but the other day I managed to get Seasons 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 on ebay for £41 including postage. I’ve resold 1, 4 and 5 for £8.99 each plus postage. By my calculations that means I’ve wound up paying £14.03, including postage, for 7, 8 and 9. Considering they sell for about £15+ postage each, that’s a pretty good deal :) Now I just have to get #6 and I’m done :) I think that’s pretty smart buying, if I do say so myself.

This evening, hyped up on coke (the sugary kind), I’ve been figuring out why the stitching is all loose on the sewing machine. It turns out the bobbin was threaded wrong due to a rather hideously illegible diagram. Now it’s sorted (plus point one = learning how to use the thing) I’ve mended the ripped seam of a pair of trousers (plus point two = fixing something that would otherwise be thrown). All in all a productive couple of hours :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

First Sewing Project

Well, here’s the results from my first sewing project!

The seams aren’t perfect, but they’re mostly hidden and you can’t tell without really nosing around inside. As its lined it’s nice and strong, but the wide handles make it comfy to carry even heavier loads (I used it to carry my things to work today – it ended up carrying 4 large library books, 2 purses, mobile phone, a drink, some bread, and another folded up shopping bag). I think this is something I might try again with a few additions – a small pocket inside for my phone and a loop to secure my keys to would be very handy.

Made from half a recycled tablecloth (50p) and about a metre of calico (£1.50).

Made following the instructions at Craftster