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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I have a confession to make…

I weigh 20 st, 8,5lbs. Yes, you read that right.

I joined Slimming World about a month ago, and I am truly hoping this time will be it. My ‘lightbulb’ moment.

So anyway, I decided to start blogging about it. Just one more tool in the motivational arsenal!

Back later, when I’m not late for work ;)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

First couple of weeks on the diet.

Well, the diet so far is going okay. I lost 4lbs last week (I don’t expect to lose that every week – the first week is always a shock to the system and you lose more) and I’m working on my eating patterns. Mostly, I’m trying to regulate my hunger and blood sugar – having a small snack mid morning and mid afternoon so I don’t get to the ‘starving’ point where you head straight for the biscuit tin. So far, it seems to be working. Either way, I’m trying to establish a better way of eating long term, as I’m in this for the long haul (I don’t plan on divulging my weight here, but let’s just say it’s a lot).

I’ve given up yesterday and today as a lost cause. I had a normal healthy breakfast and lunch yesterday, and then we had a big work night out, so a pub meal (falafel wrap with chips and salad, and a shared desert) and er… a lot of alcohol. I don’t actually know how much I drank last night, but I’m regretting it today – I’m still in my pyjamas now, at 9pm! I didn’t eat anything til 4pm, which was just a slice of toast, and then had a fairly normal dinner – I’m hoping the lack of calories for the first 2/3 of the day will go someway towards offsetting yesterday!

Back on the bandwagon tomorrow! Given some decent weather we’re off for a long walk somewhere, possibly the Humber Bridge. Monday will be gardening day as everything needs moving up to bigger pots (and I think I need to re-sow peas – given the war dance I witnessed earlier on my veg beds I think the birds have nicked them all!).

Monday, April 20, 2009

Giving Blood / WeightWatchers

I went along to give blood today, for the first time. Unfortunatly they really struggled to find a vein – I had 5 nurses look, one after the other! When they finally got the line in the blood flow was slow and the nurse didn’t think she could take the normal pint so unfortunatly today’s trip was a bit of a waste. Still, at least I tried, and got a free anaemia/HIV/hepatitis check thrown in! My arm really aches now, I never have got on with needles/injections/tubes.

Also, I’ve decided to go back to WeightWatchers (again) – this time with a friend. I’m really, really hoping I can stick to it this time as my weight is, frankly, affecting my health and worrying me :( Hopefully the moral support will help. We’re planning to go every Wednesday evening followed by a trip to the cinema (with Orange’s 2 for 1 deal it isn’t expensive). This time I’m aiming to try and ‘fix’ my eating problems (snacking, mainly on sweet stuff, and I don’t know the word ‘full’) and switch to 3 meals a day with only healthy snacks. I can dream!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Small Steps…

Over the last few days I’ve been continuing my ebay declutter. Working on the ‘if you don’t use it, even a pound is good’ theory I’m gradually working through my stacks of junk (gradually is the right word). The next ‘main’ thing to work on is the CDs and DVDs… which I don’t listen to or watch more than once in a blue moon.. unfortunatly they sell for next to nothing second hand.

Anyway. I’ve been clearing out lots of little odds and sods … a few bits of clothing, a couple of books, some craft items, some camera bits, etc. I’m definitely of the ‘really enthusiastic about something for 5 mins then get bored’ type! Last month, after fees and postage, I made around £80 – £70 of which went towards my credit card. I’m not planning on making hundreds from this but those bits and bobs add up. My main goal is to reduce my card debt, bit by bit – this month I’m getting a small bonus from work which will go towards it, probably about £200 after tax. It’ll be a long time before I can totally clear the £1350 debt but any little bit helps :)

Today I sold a book on Amazon that I put on the ‘Marketplace’ there months ago. The book is one I picked up online for a specific topic (during my stint at uni), flicked through once, and it didn’t really match the topic properly so was never touched again. I was a bit disappointed with the total price I received after fees (Amazon fees are ridiculous). However, on packaging it up, I realise that it’s been purchased by the library of a large university. That’s more than made up for the low selling price as it means potentially hundreds of students will have access to a fairly rare book. :)

I’m trying to focus a little more on my diet, without dieting per se. I’ve been battling with my weight since childhood, and ‘diets’ just don’t seem to work – I lose about a stone and then give up. So I’m trying a different tack with mostly healthy eating, trying to eat more fruit n veg etc. As lunchtime is my stumbling block at the moment (we have a long break, and while I’m reading a book I tend to eat more than I should) I’m trying to take a salad and a roll, or something similar.. something that will take me a while to get through. Unfortunatly I’ve never had a good idea of when I’m ‘full’ so I can binge very easily. I know every healthy eating tip in the book (loads of water, snack on veggies, etc etc) but I still can’t control my eating habits.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I’m loving my new little ‘pantry’. It obviously hasn’t made much of a difference in what I eat but having everything easily accessible means I can see easily what we have in, and what we need to get before it runs out. It’s also encouraging me to stockpile as I have plenty of room – unfortunatly due to the lack of car there’s only so much of this I can do (I can’t lug back 40 cans of canned tomatoes on special, however good the offer is!). It is encouraging me to eat more pulses, which is a good thing :) I’m off work next week so I may make a trip to asda and load up on cheap canned stuff, without he who likes to shop for 2 days at a time!

On that note, I was thinking about what to take for lunch tomorrow. We’re out of regular bread that I like (I detest the pappy long life sliced rubbish), nor do we have any hummous to dip the pitta into. I don’t want pasta, as that was my dinner tonight. We don’t have many fresh veggies (a trip to the grocers is needed) for me to fill myself up on. Cue a quick look in the pantry…

Out came a can of refried beans (about 50p a can, made with just beans and seasoning, no oil – fantastic veggie standby), a chunk of courgette, half a green pepper, and a small onion.  The veggies were diced and sauteed (just a teaspoon of olive oil for the onions) til soft, and then the refried beans were thrown in the pan and the whole lot roughly stirred together. The result is a quick filling for tortillas or pitta that has a serving or two of veggie, some carbs and some protein.

I’ll also take along some fresh pineapple, and a couple of cookies or a piece of chocolate.

Oh yes, and I’ve spotted some pots for my patio tomatoes – Wilkos have some of a suitable size, glazed terracotta, for £4.99 each. I need 3 or 4 so it won’t be too expensive, and they should last a long time.  Unfortunatly their website doesn’t have them, so I can’t get them delivered. I may have to enlist Chris’ help to carry them to a taxi home (terracotta pots are HEAVY).

Sunday, December 30, 2007


Well, its about time to make some resolutions for 2008!

1) Lose Weight.

You know, I’ve resolved to lose weight every year for god knows how long. I live in eternal hope that it’ll actually happen!

2) Cut Down My Landfill

Despite the fact that we recycle most of our tins, glass, card, some plastics, and paper, we still fill a wheelie bin every 2 weeks! So my aims for this are – a) recycle ALL glass/tins, even if it means extra washing up, b) check out what plastics can be recycled – theres a lot of those shaped plastic tray things that don’t have obvious symbols on so they end up getting binned, c) compost compostables! – get a small ‘bin’ for the kitchen for veg scraps etc, and d) stop using disposable sanitary products. I already use a mooncup about 75% of the time, but I do also use some towels and pantyliners. Once I’ve run down my stocks of disposables I want to switch to washable pads.

3) Cut Out The Chemicals.

I am gradually becoming a more environmentally-friendly person, but nowhere near the extent I’d like to. So my main goals for this year will be a) to cut out nasty chemical cleaners and b) use mostly natural skincare/soap etc (anyone know a ‘green’ anti dandruff shampoo that works??).

4) Sort Out Finances.

Despite the fact my boyfriend is working, I seem to be running out of money every month, possibly even to the same extent as I did when he wasn’t! That’s totally ridiculous so my aim is to really sort out my spending and stop blowing money on useless crap. I have what to me seems like a lot of debt – £1200 or so on my credit card, £300 constantly-used overdraft, plus a student loan of £6000+ (but that won’t kick in til i’m earning more). I’d really like to make some headway at getting rid of the CC debt and overdraft this year, and hopefully starting some savings.

Then, there’s the things I’d like to do… not resolutions as such as some of them are enjoyable things, new skills I’d like to learn, etc.

1) The Garden.

I’ve decided to do a lot of growing in pots on the patio in 2008, as it worked so well in 2006. I will of course still be using my bed but for things that don’t suffer slug damage so much – ie tomatoes and beans. I’d like to get a little more serious with growing salad veg this year and try and succession sow properly so I have a little to pick all the time. I’d also like at growing peppers in the greenhouse – the sweet kind, but also jalapenos, which I’d like to learn how to bottle for mexican meals. kethry also has some mild chilli seeds which sound great for roasting and stuffing.. yum!

2) Craft.

The main thing I’d like to learn is how to sew on a machine – both for fun and for practical uses such as hemming scraps of cloth/old clothes for reusable cloths, and making washable sanitary towels.

3) Cooking.

I definitely want to improve my cooking skills. The main thing I’d like to work on is vegetarian dishes that don’t use meat replacements – Chris loves them so we use them far too much for my liking. For the sake of gradually working towards a simpler life with less processed crap I’d like to use more vegetables, pulses, beans etc.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

I know it’s not new year’s eve yet but…

I’ve just made a new resolution…

** *I will learn to love simple, healthy food, instead of the fat and sugar laden crap that got me to this weight in the first place***

Saturday, September 29, 2007

So, the job is going well. Last week was my training course in manchester, which was a lot of hard work but interesting :) I saw kethry a couple of times, and completely ruined my diet by eating out every day for a week – croissants for brekkie, sandwich for lunch, italian/japanese/mexican/hardrockcafe for dinner (which, by the way, was crap. *2* vegetarian options (including a salad) on the whole menu. crap tasteless veggie burger. what a waste of money).  I meant to try out both 8th Day Cafe, and Earth Cafe, both vegetarian/vegan places, but I didn’t get to either. I had a cold all week so wasn’t really feeling like traipsing over town looking for things.

On the bright side while I was there I unexpectedly got paid! Turns out my new manager decided to pay me from when I should have started – 3rd Sept, rather than 17th when I actually started. Which is good. Especially as my boyfriend’s temp job ended unexpectedly so we’re kinda screwed on the money front :) .. also I just got my last paycheck from Jessops and got paid £150 for untaken holiday time I didn’t realise I had .. doubly good :)

I’ve also just received a holiday form for HSBC, dated 2008. Crap. I’m gonna have to beg and see if I can get even a few days off in december to see my family.

Um what else..

I had rather a nasty kick up the bum a month or so ago… Firstly I went to the doctors and my blood pressure was higher than normal .. and my mum commented on the phone that she was ‘concerned’ about my weight. And well.. I got weighed at the doctors and I’d put another stone onto my already-obese weight. So I’ve gone (back – been before) to Weight Watchers. I’m determined to do something about it this time.

I’ve started thinking about Christmas, figure I need to start buying bits and pieces now if money’s going to be tight. Only really figured out keth’s pressie so far though!

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