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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Photo Catch-up!

Well, my computer gave up the ghost a while back, and I’ve been using my ancient laptop, hence no picture posts (I couldn’t be bothered to install photoshop, and it would probably throw a wobbly if I did). However, we got a new power supply for the pc today, which has hopefully fixed the problem, so here’s a few pics to make up for it!


A random piece of wire/bead work – quite large, might make a nice suncatcher type decoration? (looks darker than it actually is – the beads are semi-precious stones and glass).

An apron I made myself, with gorgeous fabric from the swedish shop in the local town – lined and everything!

A button tortoise, made of felt – I added an inner pad with beans to the design to give him some weight. He’s imperfect but I still like him ;)

Chocolate cupcakes! With sprinkles!

A necklace/bracelet set I made to match a particular top… very happy with it :)

A bracelet made today – another one I’m happy with :)

And some gratuitous cuteness :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I realised today I’ve never really done a proper picture post of the hamsters, and as it’s cleaning day today their homes were all spick and span so thought it a good time to do one!




The Roborovski’s (a breed of dwarf hamster – the smallest and fastest!). These two don’t like being photographed, nevermind together, so I’ll have to content myself with the one supercute photo I have of them. We *still* can’t tell them apart so they’re affectionately nicknamed ‘the guys’ (they’re actually both girls), ‘the weasels’ (don’t ask!) or ‘the robos’.

The picture below that is their new tank – last week they managed to chew a tiny hole into a hole the thickness of my thumb in their previous ‘cage’ – the first I knew of it was when one ran across the floor while I was eating breakfast! Thankfully I have a pet-friendly boss who understood when I arrived slightly late for work, looking harassed and explaining that I’d had to retrieve two 3″ long, slippery, FAST hamsters from behind the sofa! The new tank is an old fish tank (freecycled), topped with a homemade lid (wood: £2.50 and wire mesh: £2) – if they get out of that I’m out of ideas!



Shai Halud (wiki) – the name comes from his habit of ‘tunneling’ just under the surface of the wood shavings in his cage, hence ‘sandworm’.  Shai is a male chinese dwarf hamster, a bully to his brother (hence I had to seperate them), but pretty friendly with me – I’m taming him at the moment, and while he still won’t let me pick him up he’ll eat from my hands, let me stroke him, and, most importantly, doesn’t bite!

The chinese hamsters love to dig and tunnel (a lot more than the robo’s, who just love to RUN) so Shai’s cage is filled with inches of wood shavings and lots of buried tubes.



Castro, named after the communist (chinese hamsters… communists… geddit?) is the brother of Shai, but with different colourings (dark grey with a darker stripe, rather than white with a grey stripe). He’s rather shy thanks to his brother terrorising him for the first week he was here, but now they’re seperated he’s coming out of his shell. He’s definitely more active, and spends hours constructing his ‘base’ (hill of wood shavings with a little entrance tunnel to his ‘lair’ inside!), and methodically ‘pouching’ all his food and carrying it inside. He’s proving harder to tame, though, and nips at my fingers rather a lot!

There you go, all you ever wanted to know about my hamsters! (and probably more!)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Not Photo-a-Day but…

… sometimes I just feel the need to share the cute.

P-A-D post to come later!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

February ‘Photo-a-Day’ Challenge – 07 (well, kinda)


No ‘proper’ photography today, I was too busy with the new additions to the family!

Both are chinese dwarf hamsters, and as the first thing Chris said to them was “communist invaders!” the darker one is now named Castro. The lighter one we’re working on, at the moment we’re swinging between another communist-themed name, and something related to the Dune series of books. Because he does a reeeeeeeeally good impression of a sandworm ;)

Your usual Photo-a-Day broadcast resume tomorrow ;)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Hamster Environment

Here’s the project I’ve been working on – a larger environment for my hamsters.

This is made from two 32litre ‘under bed’ style storage boxes. I’d say it gives them 2-3x the floor space of their old cage, and the space is open rather than ‘ledges’ meaning they’re much safer (less to fall off!).

Compared to a standard plastic cage like this one at £29.35 (a larger one could cost £50+), this one offers far more room/possibilities, I can stuff it full of tubes, houses and bridges for them and still have empty ‘space’ for them to run on.

2x boxes from Wilkinsons = £9.00
Plastic tube to connect the two = 50p (I bought a boxful for a fiver secondhand, normally these cost a couple of pounds each)
Large metal ladder* = £1.95
Cable ties + glue = 50p
Total: £11.95

Safe, spacious, humane, interesting, stimulating hamster environment for a quarter of the retail price – well worth the effort.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008


It’s not my birthday for another two days, but due to failing yetanotherdrivingtest today, Chris thought I needed cheering up…

He got me two little baby girl hamsters… Roborovski dwarf ones. They look something like this
though I’ll put up a ‘real’ picture of them once they’re settled in a bit.

Any ideas for names? :)