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Sunday, June 8, 2008

I haven’t posted in a while, as frankly I haven’t felt I’ve anything to post about! But…

The greenhouse has been re-erected, with the help of a spare frame from freecycle. I actually ended up using many of the donated poles as they were stronger and less inclined to bend! It’s now filled with 6 ot 7 chilli/pepper plants, 2 huge tomatillo plants (in flower, but not seeing fruit yet), 2 large aubergine plants, some tomatoes, and some more aubergines which were ‘spares’, but I might pot them up if i have room, as they seem so healthy.

As for the rest of the garden -strawberries are growing, though not ripe, peas have started picking, beans are growing (still need to plant some dwarfs), onions and garlic are growing away, carrots too, though slowly, and need thinning which im scared to do ;) I’ve also got courgettes which are getting pretty big and about to go into their final pots/growbags, tomatoes (some in their final position looking a bit sickly =/ and more to put out into big pots). I’ve had plenty of salad leaves and radish, time to put some more in.

I’ve also decided to (re)learn to sew with a machine. I learnt in school but have probably forgotten all I knew! We managed to pick up a decent looking Singer machine for £18 at a carboot sale today… on the basis that it works we’ll both be very happy: Chris does live action roleplay, and loves making costume – and I’d love to make things like cloth sanitary towels. I’ve decided to start with a shopping bag – it should be quite easy, and I have some fabric in the shape of a charity shop tablecloth i nabbed for £1.

On the subject of cloth sanitary towels… my period is kicking my arse at the moment. For a couple of years taking the pill got rid of 95% of the symptoms I used to have (mostly tiredness/dizziness.. feeling like I had the flu)… but they seem to be returning. I’ve been using my mooncup less simply because using anything internally makes my cramps worse, but normal pads are both rather uncomfortable when it’s hot, and horrible contributors to landfill. Which is why im hoping to make some cloth ones. These days my flow isn’t all that heavy anyway, so it won’t have too much ‘ick’ factor. It also means I can customise them to my body shape – at the moment I generally buy the ‘night’ ones for the length, but the absorbency is way higher than I need and I frequently throw away towels with just a few spots on them, which seems really wasteful.

And, leading on from that again – today I went on a bike for the first time ever! I’m hoping to learn for both environmental and health/excercise reasons. It was rather scary but I think I did okay for a first time – using Chris’ mum’s bike with a lower crossbar (‘step through’ frame) meant most of the time I could hop off the saddle and just about remain standing, rather than falling off and hurting myself ;) However, doing this, and thus repeatedly banging your most sensitive parts into the front of the saddle, while having period cramps anyway, is not a good idea *winces*

I’m off work tomorrow so I think I’ll be popping into ashby for bag lining material, playing about with the sewing machine, working in the garden, and playing Guitar Hero on the playstation2 ;)