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Monday, April 14, 2008

Driving Test #3…

… was failed :(

So far I’m on:

Test 1 – 12 ‘minors’, 2 serious faults (hesitation at roundabouts, inappropriate speed)
Test 2 – 6 minors, 3 serious (ran over kerb during reverse round corner, signalled incorrectly, poor road position at one point)
Test 3 – 3 minors, 2 serious (left it too late to change lanes, thought I was on a 40 mph road when it was actually 30).

I’m actually getting really fu**ing fed up with this. I can drive absolutely fine, but nerves get me in the test.

The speed thing annoyed me today as I had come off a 60mph road, over a roundabout, and onto the 30mph road … there was one sign indicating the limit change on the edge of the roundabout, which I didn’t notice as I was concentrating on the cars rather than signs. I was looking everywhere trying to find a limit sign on the road, there weren’t any, and from memory I thought it was a 40mph road (certainly looked like it should have been)… it wasn’t.

The lane thing.. fair enough. There was a truck parked on the road which I move out around, and left it too late to move over into the left lane.

The examiner was the same one as last time, but thankfully a lot nicer – he seemed really apologetic at the end and said apart from the two faults above I was absolutely fine. So annoying!

It has to be said, I do agree with driving tests being difficult (however annoying it is as a learner). It’s just amazingly frustrating considering the amount of idiots on the road – yesterday some bloke TEXTING on his mobile almost ploughed right into our car – today another idiot on her mobile phone decided to take 2 junctions, both times sitting her car squarely over 2 lanes, thus blocking all the traffic behind her that wanted to go left when the left light went green. In a test you’re expected to ‘believe’ other users signals (ie if they’re signalling to turn off before they get to you, you should go), yet today I almost ploughed into yet another idiot because he decided not to bother signalling that he was going right at a mini roundabout until after he had gone round halfway, and I had thought he was going straight ahead – ie turning into the road I was coming out of.

… sigh. Try Try and Try Again.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Driving Test No.1

… Unfortunatly, I failed. :(

I was really nervous, and I think that contributed to it, however despite the failure I don’t think I did *too* badly.

On the ‘show me, tell me’ part of the test (car maintenance/safety type thing) I did fine – I had to show the examiner the coolant and explain how to check it, and show/explain how to check the front and rear lights. All fine…

Things I did fine on: clutch control (glad on this one, as occassionally I stall due to this), braking, safety and control, use of mirrors (woot, I thought I’d get at least one or two minors on this as they’re so strict on it), signals, clearance/obstructions, following distance, most parts of junctions (observation, turning, corners etc), positions, pedestrian crossings.

Things I got minor faults on: accelerator control (2), gears (3 – inc one cockup changing down on a steep hill), steering (3 – goddamit – one stupid moment of hitting the kerb which I’ve NEVER done), use of speed (1), approach speed @ junctions (1 – bit too fast?), meeting traffic (1), awareness/planning (1)

Serious Faults: Appropriate speed and undue hesitation.

Basically I failed due to driving too slowly once or twice – missed a couple of speed limit signs on roads I didn’t know – and hesitation at roundabouts. Which I always knew was my weak point.

Altogether 12 minors and 2 serious.

He did however say that overall my driving was good and consistent, that really I just need work on the confidence and observation at roundabouts. All my manoeuvres were fine and I didn’t make any major cockups apart from the aforementioned kerb bump and ‘missing’ the gear changing down on a hill.

Now that I’m over the initial emotions/crying, I’m not too upset by it. It’s things that should be easily sorted with a few lessons intensively working on roundabouts and faster roads. I’m going to put in for another test ASAP.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

General Stuff…

Unfortunatly a combination of crap weather and work have been taking over a bit lately, so I’ve not really been online a lot, or done a lot garden wise.

Work-wise, we’re rapidly losing staff – one moved onto another job a month or two ago, another has maternity leave starting, and another has also just announced they’re moving to a new job. Basically it all adds up to a massive staff shortage which is leaving us all a bit grumpy for the time being. I’m also applying for the asst manager job that’s going – I may get it, I may not.. I do have a pretty good knowledge of the company, but on the other hand I have no managerial experience. We’ll see.

As previously mentioned I’ve also got my driving test coming up – so that’s two big things to potentially fail at in a short period ;)

Garden wise, things are coming along merrily, although I’m suffering from the slug invasion:

Peas (both types) are now cropping. Not huge amounts, but then I never expected that. I’m growing them for the joy of eating raw rather than for piles on the dinnerplate.

Lettuce, Radish, Spinach are all doing well, although really suffering from slugs (and I think birds as well, I keep finding uprooted radish seedlings). I’ve eaten some of all of them – regular salads with the lettuce, occassional radishes (usually for my lunchbox at work), and a rather nice spinach and sweet potato curry.

The cordon (‘Gardener’s Delight’) toms and cucumber plant have been planted out into the bed, and are doing well.

The two tumbling varieties of toms are all growing away happily, still in pots in the greenhouse. Although I found the first flower or two this morning so they need to go out sharpish!

Beans – none of them are looking too happy. Think I might re-sow some, directly outside.

The peppers in the growbag in the greenhouse are getting attackedby slugs :( Need to do something about this, but not sure what.

Courgettes have gone out – 2 of the round variety and 1 normal. The round ones have been far more vigorous, so hopefully they’ll crop well. The two ‘de nice a rond’ have a load of flowers already! Although not the fruit-producing sex quite yet! I’ve also put a butternut squash plant out, so between them that’s four big pots in a line at the back of the greenhouse.

Various basil and herbs have been transplanted into the bed, just as space fillers really.

The chillis indoors are also looking quite healthy, if a bit spindly, but I found the first flower this morning :)

… I’ll have to get some pics taken :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Driving Test Booked…

Well, after 2 1/2 years of lessons, and a ridiculous amount of lesson fees, I’ve finally booked my driving test. Not that I’ll be driving straightaway if I do pass – we don’t have a car at the moment. However when we do we’ll share one car, and I’ll try to minimise journeys. Monday 4th June. *nervous*

On another note, Tesco’s emails are just ridiculous.

At Tesco, we’re committed to helping you make healthier choices for you and your family. That’s why we’ve designed a Lunchbox tool to help you create your perfect meal. Drag and drop items into ‘Your Lunchbox’, and the Guideline Daily Amount (GDA) calculator will add up the amount of Calories, Sugar, Fat, Saturates and Salt contained within your lunchbox.”

The products advertised as part of this are Burton’s LunchBox Biscuits, Dairylea Dunkers, Petit Filous, and Capri Sun drinks. Committed to healthier choices.. yeah right!