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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Allotment Blogs List

Last week I got ‘The Allotment Keeper’s Handbook’ by Jane Perrone out of the library.It’s a really good, informative, entertaining read, explaining how to do things in a real-life, realistic way. It’s also got a list of allotment blogs inthe back – which I thought I’d copy out here for any of you people who are as reading-matter-hungry as me :)

(published this year, so should be up to date)

enjoy :)

Monday, February 19, 2007


No huge post to write about Brighton. I generally spent the time hanging out with friends in various pubs, indulging myself in being able to go to places that serve exclusively or almost exclusively vegetarian food, and shopping (Borders books, Lush for smellies/bath stuff, and Infinity Foods for fairtrade praline chocolate). I also looked after my nephew Charlie, who has now mastered the art of crawling up the stairs faster than I can climb up them.

I didn’t take my SLR camera, as I didn’t have the time to use it or the inclination to add it to my already back-breakingly heavy bag. So just a couple of compact camera shots:

Brighton Beach 18Feb07 Thumbnail

(bigger version here)

(… so getting this printed and framed for my wall)

… and Charlie :)

Charlie 17thFeb07

Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Walk In The Woods, And Plans…

Bit of a busy day today. The main thing was meeting up with Sarah, a new (+ local!) friend met through my freecycle group. She picked me up at about 11 and with camera in tow we headed back to her place, which is (fantastically) tucked away in the woods. After a quick look around and introduction to her partner, we headed off into the woods with our cameras for what turned out to be a pretty long walk. Took some shots (not had a chance to look at them yet, if any are bearable I’ll edit this post to include them), clambered over a few fallen trees and rivers of mud, and almost got rather lost due to a shortcut ;) We also had fun setting the police on the tail of kids riding (illegal) motorbikes in the woods, which is apparently a major issue round there – and from all the racket I heard in the few hours I was out there I can sympathise!

All in all it was a fun few hours – and really good to finally make a friend in this neck of the woods. I have felt a wee bit isolated since moving here, so it’s fantastic that I’ve finally started making friends with similar interests to mine in the area.

(edit: Photos Here)

This afternoon I’ve mostly been reading, and drawing up a plan of the garden to show where I plan on digging my mini-plot. Tomorrow (I’m off work until saturday week) we’ve managed to convince Chris’ mum to lend us her car for a few hours, so I’ll be loading up on the £2-a-bag stuff in town, and possibly looking round at wood/other garden bits while we’re at it.

Hopefully I’ll utilise my days off a bit better than I usually do, and get started on the garden stuff this week, before thursday when I’m off down to Brighton to catch up with friends/family and my gorgeous 1yr old nephew Charlie :D