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Thursday, February 5, 2009

I’ll be honest, today I reaaaally wasn’t in the mood for photography. I’m cold, tired (have been all week – hibernation mode kicking in), and just want to go snuggle up and sleep somewhere.

(Un)fortunately, I have a kethry on hand to remind me that I’d feel guilty if I didn’t do the daily photo. Plus, I guess it isn’t a challenge if it’s not challenging once in a while!

Apart from today, it hasn’t been too difficult. I’ve surprised myself, taking photos I’m pretty happy with – it’s definitely succeeding in getting me back behind the lens. It did occur to me today that doing this in a month where it gets dark as I get home is probably going to result in a lot of macro/still life shots, but I’ll try to vary it a bit at weekends.

Time to go hibernate….

(oh, and no, we haven’t had the pretty blanket of snow to take photos of. It’s a nice pretty blanket when I get up, in that nice 20 minute slot between it getting light and me leaving for work, and by the time I go home it’s grey sludge, or blinding sleet, or rain, or sheet ice on the pavements. I hate snow.)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I have a cunning plan! (she says, BlackAdder stylie!)

In an attempt to get myself taking more photographs, I’m setting myself a challenge of one blog-published photo a day, for 28 days (01/02/09 – 28/02/09). They may of course frequently be complete rubbish, but it might help me focus myself a bit.

Anybody wanna join me?

…………………………………………. anybody?

In other news, I’ve been drafted by Chris for some Photoshop/web work – he’s returning to something he used to do some years ago and putting a gig on at the local ‘rock pub’. For this he needs a MySpace* page (ugh) and a flyer. For some reason I’ve been roped in for this – the flyer I can have a go at (though I need the initial idea input), but not quite sure why I’ve agreed to the web page as I’ve never used myspace in my life! If it was just html I could probably cope but the site is all nasty pre-filled boxes and hidden options. It’s also horrendous to navigate – you have to click several links to get anywhere, it seems. Why is it so popular??

*MySpace – the modern replacement for ye olde fashioned flyering. Apparently.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Chris’ New Job… and shopping for Christmas!

Well, some good news.. Chris got a job (actually with the company he was temping with before, but this time permanent). So that’s some money worries sorted as of next month.

Changing the topic entirely, today I went for a little shopping trip in town… got a couple of packs of blank card backs with envelopes, about 16 in total, for £3 which I didn’t think was too bad (they’re quite large ones) . They’ll do nicely for my christmas card plans.

I also got myself a 2008 calendar. Simply because I fell in love with it… gorgeous black and white closeup shots of nature (such as fern leaves, pebbles etc). EXACTLY the sort of shot I love.

Lastly I stopped at Jessops, my old shop, which is closing next week and thus almost completely bare. Snagged myself (with much weedling as someone else half-wanted it) a large 12×18″ daylight balanced light panel. Originally £99.99.. mine for a tenner. I plan on using it for back light for macro photography, and it might also be possible to rig some srt of stand to have it stood up as a diffused light source for other types of photo. Absolutely thrilled with it :) I might go out tomorrow on the hunt for some brightly coloured fallen autumn leaves, I think they’d make a beautiful macro shot.

Other than that I’ve stopped spending on myself as it’s time for Christmas shopping, yay! :) (I mean that totally honestly, I *love* christmas shopping). So far I have a lovely woven basket which is already mostly full of good quality choc for my mum (green and blacks, etcetera), and something for Chris which I can’t state just in case he reads this ;) I’ve also just spotted a REALLY nice page of stuff in the new avon catalogue, various items made of glass, ornate metal and mother of pearl accents. Rather beautiful :) There’s a nice candle and holder (here) for £4 and a small photo frame for £5 which I think mum would love.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Walk In The Woods, And Plans…

Bit of a busy day today. The main thing was meeting up with Sarah, a new (+ local!) friend met through my freecycle group. She picked me up at about 11 and with camera in tow we headed back to her place, which is (fantastically) tucked away in the woods. After a quick look around and introduction to her partner, we headed off into the woods with our cameras for what turned out to be a pretty long walk. Took some shots (not had a chance to look at them yet, if any are bearable I’ll edit this post to include them), clambered over a few fallen trees and rivers of mud, and almost got rather lost due to a shortcut ;) We also had fun setting the police on the tail of kids riding (illegal) motorbikes in the woods, which is apparently a major issue round there – and from all the racket I heard in the few hours I was out there I can sympathise!

All in all it was a fun few hours – and really good to finally make a friend in this neck of the woods. I have felt a wee bit isolated since moving here, so it’s fantastic that I’ve finally started making friends with similar interests to mine in the area.

(edit: Photos Here)

This afternoon I’ve mostly been reading, and drawing up a plan of the garden to show where I plan on digging my mini-plot. Tomorrow (I’m off work until saturday week) we’ve managed to convince Chris’ mum to lend us her car for a few hours, so I’ll be loading up on the £2-a-bag stuff in town, and possibly looking round at wood/other garden bits while we’re at it.

Hopefully I’ll utilise my days off a bit better than I usually do, and get started on the garden stuff this week, before thursday when I’m off down to Brighton to catch up with friends/family and my gorgeous 1yr old nephew Charlie :D

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Resolving to get back into Photography…

I’m a lover of Photography, and up til a year or two ago did a lot of it – I did an AS level in it at college after being introduced by A level art, and went on to co-run the darkroom in the Photo Soc. at Sussex Uni.

The only slight problem was that it all died off really, when I moved up north. A combination of 5 months on crutches and lacking inspiration meant I’ve almost entirely stopped – despite working in a camera shop and (still) buying things to play with! I’ve found that as I barely ever take my camera out I’ve lost my ‘eye’ and in the last couple of years have shot absolutely nothing I’m happy with.

So… one of my new year’s resolutions is to rekindle my love for it and start really using the expensive equipment I saved for from my minimum wage job!


Argh… geek-surfing lens lists online is never good.. moreso when I figure out that my current lens (Olympus 40-150mm) sells for approx £90 on ebay, and wanted lens (Sigma 55-200) can be bought for about £110. Now strictly the Olympus is a*slightly* better lens, but I’ve played with the Sigma before (sore point, a workmate nicked it from the reserve shelf at work where I’d stashed it for myself), and I much prefer it. It’s lighter, quieter (the Olympus makes a rather unerving noise when zoomed.. apparently this is normal!) and covers a greater range. Hrm. At this rate I’ll be flogging the Olympus on ebay so I can buy the Sigma :D