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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

General Musings…


Today was a bit of an experiment, I got left in charge at work (boss on hol, asst boss day off) for the first time … It went okay, despite a slight hitch in the form of the-person-with-the-safe-keys getting screwed over by cancelled trains. We opened and shut on time, I didn’t cock up the cashing up, everything that needed to be done got done, and I coped with a couple of tricky till issues etc.. So all good really. It’s good to know I’m expanding my repetoir, so to speak, this sort of thing will be a real plus for the CV.


Luckily, with the aid of some plastic bottle windbreaks and fleece, my peas all seem to have survived the cold snap. We’ve had 2 or 3 bouts of snow but they seem fine. The seedlings inside are also doing fine… one of my basils FINALLY has its second leaves, the chillis are growing, all the rest of the herbs are healthy and growing, albeit slowly… all good really.

I got a new batch of seeds in the post today from Alan Roman’s; ‘The Prince’ french bean, ‘Spinnaker’ spinach, ‘Longstander’ coriander, Oregano, Rocket, two lots of ‘Gartenperle’ tumbling tomatoes, cress, and a round variety of courgettes. That, plus a couple packs of aubergine and one of flowers for kethry came to the measly sum of £6.80, including P+P. I’m very impressed :)

(of course, I may run out of space for all this stuff… )


Slight issue with freecycle, in that they found out about my new site, ReGive, and don’t think I can run the two ‘without competition’.. so I may be shortly losing my ‘ownership’ of the group. Hrm. I’m mostly worried about the effect of this on Scunny Freecycle’s 900+ members.. but not much I can do about it except state my case and let them decide. We’ll see.

(Bit of a bummer tho, Scunny Freecycle is ‘my baby’)

That’s about it really. Tomorrow’s my day off, so I’ll be planting some seeds, popping out to the shops for some food (local veg, not the supermarket!), and having a driving lesson. I’ve managed *not* to use my entire £300 overdraft this month (given my financial situation, thats the first time in months), so I might use the extra to pay of a bit of my credit card.