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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lottie Update

~ Went to Simpsons (local garden/pet shop) for garden pegs for holding down fleece etc. Came out after half an hour and a good chat with 2 potato sacks (25p each, very useful), white sprouting broccoli seeds, 6 meters of fleece @ 60p a meter, and a dozen seed potatoes of which I’ve forgotten the name (highly recommended by the shop assistant). Also in the post this morning I got seeds – ‘Alderman’ tall climbing peas from a grapevine forum swap, climbing borlotti beans (to attempt to dry after harvesting, for soups/stews), carrot fly resistant carrots, and two types of sunflower, a standard yellow one and a deep reddy-purple one.

~ Cleared out the shed – 6×4′ of tools, cardboard, plastic, rubbish, and SPIDERS. Big big spiders. The whole inside of the shed was covered in spiderwebs/cobwebs. A couple of hours later with a stiff broom and it’s now habitable. It was, however, a DEEPLY unpleasant job *shudder*.

~ Dug the second potato bed, added compost, and marked out that and the bed next to it with pegs and twine. I’m hoping to get some weed suppressing membrane and cover it in chipped bark (for the paths) but I’ll have to research the costs involved.

~ Put my plot number on the shed door (metal numbers). Little touches that make it feel more like ‘mine’ :)

On the way home I was gasping for something to drink so I went via the Westcliff shopping precinct. Scary, scary place. The (open for business) offlicense was boarded up! But, rather randomly, the Co-Op had a really good selection of vegetarian stuff (mince, ‘chicken’ pieces, burgers, sausages, and about 5-6 of the ‘grassingtons’ range of premade stuff ie filled pastry lattices, bean burgers). Very very odd, wouldn’t have thought the Westcliff estate would have much of a veggie population! While I was there I had my first craving for meat in a good long time – I was just about drooling over sausage rolls til I recognised it for the protein craving it was and bought some peanuts instead.

Today’s excercise has resulted in the first activity-caused pain in my ‘bad’ ankle in quite a long time. That’s probably a good thing (the excercise part!). However the fact that I can barely walk now really isn’t ;)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I’m loving my new little ‘pantry’. It obviously hasn’t made much of a difference in what I eat but having everything easily accessible means I can see easily what we have in, and what we need to get before it runs out. It’s also encouraging me to stockpile as I have plenty of room – unfortunatly due to the lack of car there’s only so much of this I can do (I can’t lug back 40 cans of canned tomatoes on special, however good the offer is!). It is encouraging me to eat more pulses, which is a good thing :) I’m off work next week so I may make a trip to asda and load up on cheap canned stuff, without he who likes to shop for 2 days at a time!

On that note, I was thinking about what to take for lunch tomorrow. We’re out of regular bread that I like (I detest the pappy long life sliced rubbish), nor do we have any hummous to dip the pitta into. I don’t want pasta, as that was my dinner tonight. We don’t have many fresh veggies (a trip to the grocers is needed) for me to fill myself up on. Cue a quick look in the pantry…

Out came a can of refried beans (about 50p a can, made with just beans and seasoning, no oil – fantastic veggie standby), a chunk of courgette, half a green pepper, and a small onion.  The veggies were diced and sauteed (just a teaspoon of olive oil for the onions) til soft, and then the refried beans were thrown in the pan and the whole lot roughly stirred together. The result is a quick filling for tortillas or pitta that has a serving or two of veggie, some carbs and some protein.

I’ll also take along some fresh pineapple, and a couple of cookies or a piece of chocolate.

Oh yes, and I’ve spotted some pots for my patio tomatoes – Wilkos have some of a suitable size, glazed terracotta, for £4.99 each. I need 3 or 4 so it won’t be too expensive, and they should last a long time.  Unfortunatly their website doesn’t have them, so I can’t get them delivered. I may have to enlist Chris’ help to carry them to a taxi home (terracotta pots are HEAVY).

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Once in a while I deliberately expose myself to photos, descriptions, videos of the processes that produce our meat… as a vegetarian, I do it to remind myself why, to strengthen my convictions. These days most of our meat comes in shrinkwrapped, pre-prepared, sterile slabs bearing no resemblance to the living, breathing, feeling animal they came from. It’s easy, even as a veggie, to forget this, to forget the suffering that went into producing the food, so I remind myself so I don’t go back to eating it.

Today I stumbled across (in a vegetarian community that I read for recipes etc) a video which a lot of people had a lot of praise for: Earthlings.

I realise that to an extent this is propaganda – the worst of the worst – to get a totally unbiased opinion on any of this would be nearly impossible. But even if it is the extreme we all know that similar practises are going on all over the world every day.

I’m not going to ask you all to watch it. I don’t want to be a preacher, as I realise that trying to force your beliefs on others merely pushes them away. As Chris reminded me, all we can do, really, is to vote with our feet and try not to contribute to this practise of treating animals like machines.

(By the way… I succeeded in my goal – I upset myself and reminded myself. I watched 13 minutes of the film and cried for the next 20.)