Garden Snaps – 2006

Unfortunatly I have next to no pictures from 2006, most of them were on my old livejournal blog and got lost. The few here are very small (I was silly enough to not save the originals), but they give an idea of how much I got from just a few small pots. The tomatoes were especially amazing, producing huge amounts of fruit crammed 3 to a window box style container.

courgette.jpg everything.jpg beans.jpg

General Overview of the Garden (Early 2007)

Garden Plan Garden #1 garden2.jpg

Transforming a patch of wasteland, on solid clay soil, into a productive bed (2007)

At the beginning of 2007 I dug a patch of ground over behind our (delapidated) shed. It had just been used as a dumping ground by various occupants for many years, so was crammed with bits of rusting metal, old bricks, and weeds. It took a lot of hard work and compost to turn it into something useful. It’s not shown here, but by the end of the summer the bed was crammed full of plants according to ‘square foot gardening’ principles – unfortunatly not a lot came to be edible thanks to a miserable summer of constant rain.

Garden, ‘Before’ Picture 14/02/07 Garden - Starting Digging - 14/02/07 27.03.07 - Bed Finished!
070507-bed.jpg 290407-bed.jpg dscf0354.jpg

Patio Veg (2007)

Other - 13.03.07 290407-peas.jpg 070507-beans.jpg
290407-lettuce.jpg 290407-strawberries-raspberries.jpg 290407-peas-first-pod.jpg

Plan for 2008


Bed #2 – Feb 2008

dscf0197.jpg dscf0200.jpg


2 Comments to “Garden”

  1. i think, if i remember right, you have photos from 2006 as well. you should put them in here too.

    i was also thinking about your declaration not to use the bed you dug last year. i think that would be a shame. still grow most of your stuff in pots (the stuff you really want) but if you’ve got some seeds that you’ve got plenty of that won’t cost you very much to grow and plant there, then why not try growing something, just to see what you get? maybe some of those peas, after all, you’ve got so many, and you might just wind up with a nice supply.

    do remember that last summer was so wierd and bad that its not in any way indicative of the success you may well have from that bed in better years… :)


  2. Thanks for reminding me keth – I’ve put up the few pics of 2006 I still had lurking on the HD.

    As we said on msn, I think you misunderstood – I still plan on using the bed, just for the most space intensive and less slug prone things – tomatoes and beans for example. I’ll be doing all or almost all of my ‘salad’ veg in containers to combat the slug problem.

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